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River Access

River Access

Since Spring 2013, visitors to the Heritage Park have been able to enjoy the river views by boat and take a break at Preston Park.

FTHP and Stockton Council have funded the provision of an additional boat landing stage at Preston Park completed in March 2013. This landing stage gives access to visitors on small craft, canoes, the Wheelyboat and river taxis.

The design has been carried out by SBC in conjunction with members of the Tees River User Group. SBC  carryied out the ground work engineering and procurement of the floating sections that make up the staging.

This landing stage compliments the recently constructed fixed platform which is suitable for the Teesside Princess and provides access for all types of river user.

This is the first of several landing stages planned for the river as destination points, enabling boaters to pause and enjoy the park on their navigation of the river. FTHP have also commissioned the footpath connecting the landing stages at river level to the hall. This is to provide two resting places on the way to allow wheelchairs and other pause to enjoy the views while in some cases, a rest for the “engine driver”

For more information about the Wheelyboat, designed to enable people with disabilities to access the river view their web site here