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About The Friends of Tees Heritage Park

Friends of Tees Heritage Park (FTHP) was formed in 2007, Initiated by the Stockton Branch of CPRE, to promote the creation of a Heritage Park along the Tees between Yarm and Stockton – rather like a mini National Park. The group established the boundaries of the Heritage Park in consultation with Stockton Council.

The Tees Heritage Park is now identified and include all of the green spaces remaining in the Tees river valley between Stockton and Yarm, the Leven valley and Bassleton Beck/Thornaby Wood. Preston Hall and Park is at its heart.

The Park is now incorporated in the Council’s planning policies providing some protection to the area. It also forms an important part of the Stockton River Corridors Partnership Initiative, a partnership between Stockton Borough Council, Environment Agency, British Waterways and Groundwork North East.

The ultimate aim is to create a Heritage Park encompassing the whole of the lower Tees Valley to the estuary, incorporating its rural and industrial heritage of which we should all be proud. This vision is encapsulated in aspirations for the River Tees Rediscovered Landscape Partnership of which FTHP is a partner. This project is ongoing and more information will be published in due course.


The land is rich in the history, landscape and wildlife of the area and FTHP is working closely with local communities and the relevant statutory bodies to protect and enhance it for future generations to enjoy. This objective is summed up in our constitution “To encourage and promote the protection, enhancement and recreational use of the Tees, it’s tributaries and adjoining lands. Having particular regard for the heritage landscape and wildlife characteristics of the area and the tranquil, natural environment”.


Our aims are;

To raise awareness at all levels of the importance of these lands and seek their preservation for future generations by way of road shows, school visits, local interest groups, etc.
To have the lands and rivers seen as an entity and to ensure that all future proposals for these areas are viewed in a wider context.
To communicate the views of the members and liaise with the Local Council and other bodies accordingly with a strong voice representing an informed community.
To help prioritise issues and projects, and to support funding where appropriate as funding bids are likely to be more successful with community support.
To keep members informed of relevant issues and seek feedback.
To work with others to seek the establishment of a wider Tees Heritage Park covering the whole of the lower Tees Valley

There are currently nearly 100 members and their support has been crucial to the Park’s success, particularly recently successfully fighting planning applications for inappropriate development within the Park area – at odds with the stated aim of creating a peaceful and tranquil environment.

If you wish to support us go to the contact page.

The committee is elected each year at the AGM
The current members are:

Chairman – Doug Nicholson
Secretary – Jan Robinson
Treasurer – Philip Addison
Membership Secretary – David Craig



Committee Members
Pat Williams
Tony Campbell
Norman Douglas
Marjorie Simpson
John Fletcher
Irene Machin

FTHP is a totally independent and non political organisation representing a unified community voice to protect and enjoy a wonderful facility on our doorstep